The Accumulator Founder Fund was created to help top founders preserve their wealth and participate in market upside.

Founders are partners of an Accumulator fund through exchanging their company shares or investing cash.

In exchange, Founders have received the equivalent value of the such Accumulator fund, becoming investors in category-leading companies by leveraging their capital or the value of their equity.

Accumulator is a visionary community that not only protects and grows founders' wealth but also contributes to a legacy of enhanced growth, innovation and impact.

our mission

Our mission is to unite the greatest entrepreneurial minds of our time to accumulate and preserve their legacies for the greater good, thereby amplifying their positive impact on humanity. By bringing together a community of elite founders with extensive startup experience, we create a growth climate based on mutual support and shared success.

Founder and Managing Partner

Dave Waiser

Dave Waiser, an Israeli serial entrepreneur, has founded and built four companies in Israel, the EU, and the US. The first three companies were acquired: Infoauto in 2000 (Israel), Loyalize in 2010 (California), and recently Gett in 2024 (Israel and the UK).

Accumulator is his fourth venture.

Dave is driven by the mission to unite the great minds of our time, preserve and accumulate their legacies, and amplify their positive impact on humanity.

Accumulator is a U.S. private equity firm that manages U.S. investment funds under the regulatory authority of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.  The investment fund function similarly to an index-like fund that covers the broad market of privately held growth-stage tech companies.

Accumulator is structured as a Delaware limited partnership and undergoes an annual audit by weaver.

We collaborate closely with legal and tax advisors to tailor the deal structure to meet the specific needs of our founders. Our approach ensures personalized and tailor-made solutions, leveraging expert advice for optimal results.