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Accumulator is a U.S. private equity firm regulated by the SEC, operating as an index-like fund covering a wide range of privately held, growth-stage tech companies.

To date, Accumulator operates three funds composed of an elite group of companies, exclusively admitting category-leading founders and the world's top business angels.

Imagine a unified fund that accumulates all the world's best private tech equities. Picture top companies backed by leading VC funds all in one place.


Our fund is designed to mirror the tech market

We advocate for diversification, spreading risk across multiple assets to lower volatility and create a safer investment option. Our fund is designed to mirror the tech market, grow with the market, and benefit from its upside.


Our portfolio structure

Disregarding past valuations, the portfolio is repriced quarterly to ensure that each company's valuation accurately reflects current market conditions.

Company size
Software Development

Our partners join the fund by exchanging their company shares or investing cash

For cash investments:

Accumulator is more than a typical private equity firm, it's an alliance of the world’s best tech companies, brought together to create a powerful coalition.

Regulatory, auditors & advisors


Accumulator is a U.S. private equity firm that manages U.S. investment funds under the regulatory authority of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.  The investment fund function similarly to an index-like fund that covers the broad market of privately held growth-stage tech companies.

Auditors and advisors

Accumulator is structured as a Delaware limited partnership and undergoes an annual audit by weaver.

We collaborate closely with legal and tax advisors to tailor the deal structure to meet the specific needs of our founders. Our approach ensures personalized and tailor-made solutions, leveraging expert advice for optimal results.


In collaboration with

Being founders ourselves, we understand firsthand how exhausting and isolating the founder experience can be, with a mountain of responsibilities and thousands of problems to solve in an incredibly short timeframe. Accumulator was built with the comprehensive needs of founders in mind to offer more than just financial support. Our mission is to empower founders through a one-of-a-kind community that provides knowledge, belonging, and a network of like-minded entrepreneurs.